Saturday, August 1, 2009

Saturday's Song - We Will See Him

This week I read a post by Pete Wilson (Pastor of Cross Point Church in Nashville) and it really spoke to me. I have linked that post if you will take a minute and go over and visit it. I feel the same way he does at times, but I never recognized it as my bucket needing filled, I needed that word. But I too LOVE worship. I love it in the car, at home relaxing, cleaning or while I’m in the shower. I have to say it is my prime source of communication I have with God….I love to worship Him.

This song is on their album that comes out on Tuesday the 4th, so far I haven’t found a Hillsong song that disappoints. I listened to all the clips on Amazon and I will have to invest in it, this is one I’d love to learn. I don't have the lyrics to it since it hasn't been released yet.

While listening to it in my own living room, I can just feel the spirit of the Lord come over me. It makes me ready for that day when we will see Him. I have always been fearful of the rapture, mainly because of a fear of the unknown. As I recently heard Chonda Pierce put it....she wants to ease into in her sleep. She said we all don't know what it will be like, it could be a big yank. I guess I just need to have faith that it won't be so fearful, especially if I just rely on where it leads me, will make up for it all.

We Will See Him
By Hillsong on their album Faith + Hope + Love

We Will See Him from Pete Wilson on Vimeo.

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