Friday, August 14, 2009

Friday Faves - Website

It’s time for Friday Faves again and this weeks topic is our Favorite Website. I’m so glad Missy made a list of upcoming subjects because it allows me to work on a post ahead of time and get my mind working on something to say, Thanks Missy!

We are supposed to give our favorite website but not a blog. Although, blog’s have become a favorite of mine within the last year and I follow so many different people from all over. I think the first two blog’s I started to read are “Bring The Rain” and “The LPM Blog” and it went uphill from there. Some are family, some are card makers, some are my favorite authors, some are connected to a ministry I love and I’ve picked up several from others that I follow. Just like Missy’s blog. I read “Baby Bangs” which I started following because she is Beth Moore’s daughter and also one of the contributors to “The LPM Blog” and she linked over to “It’s Almost Naptime” (Missy’s) on a funny post and I’ve followed ever since. I like blogs that are comical because I love to laugh. Sorry, I had to venture onto blog sites just a little bit.

I have a handful of websites I visit on a daily basis (Facebook, Blogger, Twitter, Craigslist, CDA Press). My laptop has become another appendage on my body, just ask my husband. I know I wouldn’t be so connected to it if I were working but since I am home and it is my biggest outlet on trying to find a job, I’m on it A LOT and checking several job searching websites A LOT. One of the cool features we have with Internet Explorer 8 & Google toolbar is it has these tabs you can open different websites and keep open along the top and each time I want to open another tab to go to another website it saves my favorites as thumbnails making it much easier for me in my OCD state to visit them in the appropriate order. This is what it looks like:

I’d have to say my favorite website would be Facebook, since it is visited most often and on occasion even from my cell phone. I used to be big on MySpace but have been converted over and just check MySpace on occasion for those friends who haven’t made the switch yet. I live far away from all of my family and several friends so using Facebook is a wonderful way to stay in touch with them on a daily basis. I’ve also been able to re-connect with my youth pastor and several individuals I used to go to church and school with and lots of extended family I rarely get to see at all. I love seeing what everyone is up to. I get to see pictures of what my niece and nephew have been doing and almost daily pictures of my grandkids, since I’ve introduced my step-daughter to uploading mobile pictures. I get to see them grow up through a social networking site since they are not close and our visits aren’t very often. I love how we can banter back and forth with each other commenting on each other's status or photos.

My husband on the other hand is so ever faithful to check and's a junkie for these sites.

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  1. I am a little jealous of your purple header....gonna try and figure out how to do that!!