Friday, August 28, 2009

Friday Faves - Room(s) in my house

It’s Friday Faves again with It's Almost Naptime and this week is about our favorite room in our house. I have two rooms that are my favorite my living room and my craft room.

My living room is where you will find me hanging out most often. I have a wonderful down filled sectional couch that I just LOVE. In fact there is one spot (along the chaise side) that I think has formed to my hiney. I can kick back here and watch TV, be on my laptop, or read a good book. My sister loves my couch so much that when she comes to visit, she prefers to sleep on it versus the guest bed. I have been known to sleep on it myself if I’m not feeling well and instead of keeping my husband up all night (since he is a light sleeper) I just sleep on it. I love how open my living room is to my kitchen and the vaulted ceilings, it is so spacious that I don’t feel closed in at all. By looking at the picture below, you can tell I LOVE pictures. Here is a picture of my living room first and then a very short video (at the bottom) of what I can look around and see while on my perch.

My other favorite room is my craft room. I have been using it much more this year than any other time since I’ve lived here (8 years). It used to be a room that was considered my craft room/office/catch-all for ALL things that didn’t have a place, but last year I removed almost everything out of it (except all the furniture and large cases) and completely re-did it. I gave all the miscellaneous stuff a proper home somewhere else in the house or garage or just plain ole got rid of it and have been organizing it to be useful. I mostly use it for rubber stamping/card making but I could also do scrapbooking, if I were to ever get back into it. I really love it now and like to be in it, where as before, I hated to even look into it. I do plan on doing a paint job on it in sometime within the next year, I am wanting a real light pink, mint green and chocolate brown…just think spumoni ice cream colors. I am also in the process of (slowly) taking my wood mounted stamps apart and just using them as rubber mounted but I have SOOO many that it is quite a task. That is why I am doing bit by bit, that and I haven’t figured out a great idea for storing them this way yet but I know it will be more compact once I’m done. I have been stamping for about 18 years so I have accumulated quite a bit in all those years and every so often I do clean out and get rid of ones I haven’t used in quite awhile. Here are a few pics of my craft room (I did do a short video of it but since Blogger was taking several hours to upload one small video I bunked that idea and am adding pics instead). (You can click on the pics to make them bigger)

Do you have a place in your home you favor more than others?

I would link back to Missy's (It's Almost Naptime) site for you to see any other's who have participated this week, however, Missy didn't get her post done yet, so I'm going ahead with mine and if I see her posting for Friday Faves, I will update my post with it.

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