Saturday, April 11, 2009

Vacation Favorites and Funnies

I wanted to do a little list of some of the things that I jotted down to remember:

*the way the humidity made my hair really curly and I didn't need a curling iron all week long.

*having coffee on the lanai every morning watching the surfers and listening to the surf.

*falling asleep every night to the waves crashing on the beach.

*walking on the beach and wading in the water.

*watching the dolphins swimming in the shallow waters with everyone out there at Big Beach.

*watching Scott run down fully clothed in his jeans to the ocean when we first made it to Maui on the first night.

*seeing my dad standing in the airport awaiting our arrival with 3 lei's around his neck for us.

*the relaxing and laid back atmosphere.

*taking a shower and looking out at the ocean.

*and cherished the wonderful time I got to spend with my family on an amazing vacation.

*dad...anxious to get back to the condo to check his Facebook.

*Logan & Lilly's Photo Booth pictures on dad's Mac...our ribs and bellies hurt, we laughed so hard.

*the chef at Kobe who also picked on Scott while dining there - Scott's reply to him was...I get this treatment from them, now I'm getting it from you.

*Terry stating that she'd be the designated mule, at the 'Ulalena show.

*Dad and Terry checking out Little Beach.

*the statement of getting sand on your balls and in all other cracks and crevices on Big Beach.
(my husband was not the only one to say this either...a cute little nephew of mine said it too)

*Terry scratching her foot with her back scratcher.

*the comment I made in the book that after seeing the layout of the condo, the real narrow, spiral staircase and being on the 3rd floor that...if the condo were to catch fire...Scott & Dez would die being stuck upstairs.

*the fact that one day my sister and I had a piece of bread for lunch...really.

My sister, for a Christmas gift to my Dad & Terry, made up a "Hawaii" journal book that they could put out for everyone to write in their thoughts on their vacations. But maybe I should back up a Dad & Terry (my stepmom) have 6 kids between them and 22 grandchildren so their Christmas gifts to us were tickets for us to fly to Maui and they were getting a place to stay for a month and each week they were over there some of the kids/grandkids went over to stay.

The 1st week was my brother, Shane & Lisa, and his family and my step-brother, Todd & Kathleen, and his family, grandson Garrett (Daren's son) and his friend (15 total with Dad & Terry). The 2nd week was my step-brother, Daren & Sherri, and his family (8 total with Dad & Terry). My sister, Amanda, Scott and I were there for their 3rd week (5 total with Dad & Terry). The 4th week my step-sister, Marcie & Brett, and her family (8 total with Dad & Terry). While we were there they did get an offer to stay an extra two weeks in the condo at no additional cost to them. We believe they will work it in to stay, why not, an offer you can't pass up.

But this journal that my sister made...every night when everyone came in they had to write something down about that day. Whether it be a word about an event to describe what they felt or experienced or what they did or what not. By the time we got there we were able to go back and read the prior 2 weeks of what everyone said. That was so neat. A great way to document everyone's memories.

Overall it was a WONDERFUL vacation. One we did not want to see end. I told Scott that I felt he would love it over there so much he would want to stay and maybe even move over there. We won't rule that out. My sister was thinking of it too. She isn't married and doesn't have any kids so she could easily take a couple years and go over and work in the service industry. If we did it it would only be for a couple of years too. You go and don't want to come back.

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