Monday, April 6, 2009

Day 2 & 3 of Maui Trip

Day 2 - Saturday - We were moving from Ka'anapali Shores (resort) to Puamana Park (privately owned condo in gated community) but we couldn't check into the condo until 3 pm so we had plenty of time to hang out at the resort and enjoy the beach and pool there. My dad wanted to catch the 1st game of the Final Four games and wanted to work it in that we would move at 1/2 time so he wouldn't miss the game. Ka'anapali Shores was beautiful but a little windy because it is further north. We went down to the beach for awhile and took pictures. We were all just very excited to be at the BEACH, it had been so long since any of us had been to one. We were trying to get as much enjoyment out of the resort since we didn't know what to expect once we got to the new place. The downfall to the new place is that we had very, very minimal internet connection. We were using someone elses wireless connection and it wasn't very strong so it was hit and miss.

**Our room is on the top floor of this condo and we get to fall asleep every night to the waves..oh bliss!

The 2nd picture is of our room and view.

The 3rd is of the condo - main floor.

And 4th the spiral staircase that goes up two more floors.

Day 3 - Sunday - We went to Palm Sunday service at King's Chapel (a part of King's Cathedral). The people there were very friendly and it was a real good message on faith. I thought it funny (ironic) that they announced that Joyce Meyer was to be at the King's Cathedral that night for a service and I love Joyce Meyer. I get her daily podcasts and love to listen to her messages.

We took a drive up the western coast of Maui north to Napili and Kapalua and saw several surfers. Since we weren't getting an internet connection anywhere we went to Starbucks and paid a little so we could all get online for a bit. We had an amazing dinner at Kobe (a Japanese steakhouse) and I generally don't like Japanese food but this was really good. If you have never been to a Japanese restaurant, they typically put on a show for you and cook it right at your table. It was good and our cook even did a good job of picking on Scott. (Little side note: my family loves to pick on Scott since he is generally so serious and easy to pick on, so he had a whole week to put up with being picked on.) But we thought it cute when my family wasn't the only one doing the picking. My sister started getting sick from her allergies, she is sensitive to many smells of perfumes, flowers, etc...and she had so many of them floating around she started getting sick from it all. Not a real fun time to be sick, you want to be able to enjoy your time here, but she is a tough little cookie and trooped right along.

(This was the first sunset we were able to see because it wasn't overcast)

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