Thursday, April 2, 2009

Last weekend was a busy one

I wanted to do a post about last weekend before we go on our vacation, because I will have lots to post then.
This last weekend we went to Lewiston so Scott could help put in an egress window in Mandi & Justin's basement. There were several guys there to help because they were also starting on replacing the roof. The prior owners left it with 3 -4 layers on top...I think legally there should only be 2. They were also removing the chimney built up the side of the house because it serves no purpose and was just an eye sore. Too bad the weather couldn't cooperate with them, it rained on them the WHOLE time. It slowed down Justin and Ryan on the roof and Scott and Nate in the muddy hole dug for the egress. They were soaked by the end of the day and cold.

Here are a few pictures (you can click on any of them to make them larger) Scott breaking out the old window

Here is a picture of the chimney before they are taking it down. They were really lucky that when it came down that it didn't take any of the power lines with it, there were a lot of prayers being lifted that day. Here it is all over the yard, makes the side of the house look better though.

This is the HUGE piece that Scott managed to get out that was under the chimney but slightly attached to the existing foundation. Boy the whole house shook when he dislodged it, we were running for the door.

Here is Scott with the concrete saw and Nate's help cutting out the window. What a HUGE mess that made for the women folk to clean up on the inside. He was so upset that we didn't let him know it was wreaking havoc on the inside. He takes pride in keeping a clean construction site, but once he started what to do? We were more worried about all the kids inside and breathing in all that dust that was floating up the stairs. We know what to do now for the next one that needs to be put in to minimize cleanup.
Here is Scott wacking out the concrete...just about every guy there took a turn. It really lets a lot more light into the basement.
Since we will be in Maui when the little guy, Jaxon, turns 1 (and we were going to miss his birthday party) we took our gifts to him and I did a little smash cake for him...guess it was a trial run so he knows what to do this weekend. He didn't do too much damage to it. We got him this "CAT" dump truck. It is so cute, he can sit on it and ride around, put all kinds of stuff in the back of it. From the reports we've gotten from mama, he plays with it a lot. Good, I'm sure it will get a lot of use in years to come out in the dirt too.

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