Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Day 4 & 5 of Maui Trip

Day 4 - Monday - We spent most of the day relaxing around the condo and on the beach. We walked up and down the beach a little, read a little, played in the ocean, and got lots of sun since it was a BEAUTIFUL day. It was our first day that it wasn't overcast but the sun was shining brightly. Maui's weather is weird it is overcast a lot but not always rainy and it can rain in the front of one place but in the back it isn't. It is a little humid over here but not so much as you feel as if you are wet all the time. My hair has a little natural curl in it and the humidity is really making it curl and doing wonders for my skin....think I'll stay....better look for a job first though.

We went to Bubba Gump's (the picture is of my sister) for dinner and it is a little restaurant that is based around the "Forrest Gump" movie. Then that evening we went to the 'Ulalena show, wow, what a beautiful show that tells a little bit about the beginning of Maui. It has an all percussion orchestra maned by 4 people with over 70 instruments, some of them native to Hawaii. My favorite part is an acrobatic number where the acrobat is shown in a waterfall. So amazing.

Day 5 - Tuesday - We started out the day by going to Big Beach, the waves were HUGE and would crash up on the beach with a lot of sand swirling in it. There was sand everywhere. If you got into the surf at all, you ended up with it in every crevice of your body (no joke, my hubby said so). We spotted several times a bunch (7-9) dolphins swimming off shore real close to where everyone was out in the water. It was pretty cool to see them jumping and showing off and swimming with everyone. There is another beach just over a rocky little mountain called Little Beach where it is a known nude beach. I definitely wasn't going to check it out...yuck!

We did a little site seeing for the rest of the day and took a long drive up along the base of Haleakala. (Little note about this I found on a map - The Hawaiian islands are a series of volcanos rising from the ocean floor, with the island of Maui being made up of two volcanos. The larger volcano is 10, 023 foot-high Haleakala, which means house of the sun.) We also went up north around Makawao, Pe'ahi, Ha'iku & Pa'ia. Right between Ha'iku and Pa'ia there is a huge area of the ocean where all the wind surfers and kite surfers go. We got a few pictures as we were zooming through. It was cool since there were sooo many of them out there.

We ended the evening by taking my dad & stepmom to Lailani's on the Beach for dinner, so nice and elegant. So far all of the dining we have done is all open, they open up these shades and the fresh air comes right in. No windows just all open to the outside. I love it.

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  1. Amanda, you look absoulutly beautiful. Being Tan suits you... :)