Saturday, April 4, 2009

Day 1 of Maui Trip

We started out by getting up at 3 am to get ready to head for the airport. I am familiar with 3 am but it is usually because I haven't gone to bed yet, not on the getting up side. We got to the airport and before getting on the plane, noticed that it was snowing once again glad that we won't be seeing that for a week.

We met up with my sister in Seattle and had a whole day in the airport. Our original flight we were to have a couple of hours before our next flight out to Maui, however, when my sister checked to make sure everything was okay with our flights, it had changed and we were flying out 45 minutes earlier. Since we were using two different airlines and had to go pick up our luggage and re-check it with the other airline and unsure of the Sea-Tac airport, we wanted to make sure we didn't miss that flight going to Maui so she got it switched around so we left a lot earlier and had plenty of time.

Spending a whole day in an airport kinda sucks, thankfully, I was with my husband and sissy, which made it better. I'm really glad I didn't have to deal with any little ones and trying to keep them from being BORED and trying to keep them entertained.

It was finally time to board our flight to Maui...we thought we were going to be in a really big plane but the only difference between this plane and a regular Southwest flight plane was it was longer. Not any more room in the seats or leg room. I also didn't realize that our flight was actually 6 hours long. So glad we had plenty of stuff in our carry-ons to keep us busy. I was able to snooze for about 30 minutes but REALLY...we were just TOO EXCITED. My sister and I watched "Twilight" on our first part of the trip, she had never seen but decided she would like to be able to see it again on a much larger screen than a little iPod.

We arrived in Maui, got off the plane and my dad was standing there with 3 lei's around his neck. He "lei'd" all of us. This used to be a tradition a long time ago that anyone coming to Hawaii would get a lei and when we were here when I was 17 we got one but found out that it was included with the vacation package that my dad had. Mine smelled like gardenia's but they are little flowers and have found out that they are Tuberose, right now they are in the refrigerator in a baggie so we can take them home.

(These pictures are of the first place we stayed at Ka'Anapali Shores)

We grabbed some dinner (our time 11 pm) and headed to our condo at Ka'Anapali Shores, we couldn't see a whole lot because the sun sets here at 7. We walked around the outdoor courtyard, saw the pools and Scott ran to get his feet wet in the ocean. It is soo beautiful here. We hadn't even been here for 24 hours before Scott said he was ready to move here. I told him he wouldn't want to come home and that he would LOVE it here.

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  1. What he wants to leave us? Seriously... jerks... P.S. Amanda you look so bea-utiful all bronzey.. Love it..