Friday, April 10, 2009

Day 6 & 7 of Maui Trip

Day 6 - Wednesday - We had a whale-watching/snuba boat trip planned for the early afternoon it was overcast and windy all day. (This picture of my sister was taken on the boat on the way out). When we started out on the boat, it was keeping pretty close to the shore all along our excursion and about 8 - 10 miles out of the harbor it dropped anchor so everyone who wanted to could snorkel.

The snuba is a lot like scuba diving but you don't have a tank on your back. The tank is on this little floating raft and 2 people share the same tank for 20 minutes. The line to the tank will allow you to dive 20 feet down. The instructor was taking down 6 people at a time in 2 different dives (so a total of 12 people on board were snubaing...not sure if that is a word?) Scott and my stepmom, Terry, were going to snuba. My sister, Amanda, had planned to but within a day of us getting to Maui she started to get congested and was still battling that so she didn't feel like going down and come to find out they wouldn't have let her anyway.

They had BBQ'd burgers, hotdogs, and chicken up for if you wanted to have lunch you could eat that too. Since my sister & I went to see the whales and take pictures of the snuba part, we just chilled on the boat.

When it came time for Scott & Terry to do their dive, I got ready and took lots of pictures and did a little video too. Once Scott got in the water though, he couldn't get his breathing apparatus to work and found out that because of his braces, he couldn't bite down on it all the way to seal it in his mouth so he couldn't dive but he was able to do some snorkeling. We also found that it messed up his wire in his mouth and stressed about having to find an orthodonist on the island that could fix it (luckily he was able to get the wire routed back to where it was supposed to be). Terry had lots of fun though and since she is certified to scuba dive (but it had been awhile since she had done any diving) it all came back to her quickly and she enjoyed herself. (These underwater pictures were taken by the underwater photographer they had on board).

On the boat, Scott happened to meet a gal (22) from Coeur d' Alene who was there on vacation as well but she got there a day ahead of us and was leaving a day before us. After talking to her a little bit we (my sister & I) noticed....hey, she is flirting with my husband, so we figured we would keep an eye out on her on this trip. Unbeknownst to me that Scott had realized it as well but once she found out he had 4 kids and the youngest was almost 17, she didn't seem interested about the fact that he is already married....that should have made her loose interest...some people.

After the 2nd set of divers came back on the boat it started to head into shore and we realized, hey if we REALLY wanted to see a whale, this wasn't the right boat to go on. This boat was more geared to those who were snorkeling and doing the snuba part. To see a whale you had to go further out in the ocean that closer to shore. We did see at least one whale...way off in the distance that had come up for air but that was it.

Day 7 - Thursday - This was the first rainy day we encountered on our trip and it rained ALL day long, so we opted for shopping. We walked down in Lahaina and saw the Banyan Tree that covers 2/3 of an acre. It was planted in April 1873 and started out at 8 feet but has now grown to over 60 feet with 12 major trunks. We've been told that in the early morning birds are in this tree and there are so many and they are so loud you almost need ear plugs.

We had scheduled to go to the Old Lahaina Luau that night but just a few minutes before going in they cancelled it due to the rain. Scott and I were a little bummed about it because he had never been to a Luau and I wanted to see another one. Since we were to leave the next day we made it an early night so we could get everything packed up so we didn't feel so rushed the next day.

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