Thursday, January 8, 2009

Snow, snow go away

Well my house is almost back in order from all the Christmas decor. It takes a week to get all put up and only a couple of days at most to take down...I've never understood that.

We have gotten several more inches of snow (CDA record highs) and now we are getting what they call a "Pineapple Express" so here comes the rain. It has been raining all yesterday and today. I have noticed that our MOUNDS of snow are starting to melt and we are hoping we won't have any flooding issues. There have been several roof cave-ins happening all over the area due to the heavy snow load this year as well. We're so tired of the snow now and we at one time wanted to move to McCall...yeah, right.

I used to really like the snow and I still do, just not to this quantity. I figured out what bothers me the most about it. I have a mild case of claustrophobia and the other day while driving out of our subdivision the mounds of snow create a sort of tunnel for you to drive through. With there being so much of it, it is piled high in everyone's yards and in our median areas in the middle of the road and I feel it closing in on me. Just the other night Scott was standing on a berm on our patio out back (left from shoveling off the roof) and he calls me on my cell and tells me to go look out our bedroom window...he was up so high he could see into our room. (For anyone who may be reading this and has never been to our home, we have a split level house, from the front of the house it is one level and then opens up to two levels in the back part of it, so our bedroom window is a second story window).

I have been getting a lot of creative inspiration from some of the blogs that I follow and since I am wanting to use this blog to also post a few of my "creations" here is a couple of things I've made recently.

This was the birthday card I created for Mandi. I used a new technique I learned about with my Cuttlebug folders of inking it first...very cool idea. I'm really enjoying this little tool. I really liked how it turned out and I knew from the get go I wanted to use the "Tiffany" blue color.

Another project I did was make these stocking cards. All of my stockings are plush and I don't have a way of adding everyone's names to them so I made these little cards to attach to them. I used my Cricut on these to cut them all out. Nothing fancy to them but so fact I need to do something more to them to jazz them up a bit.
That's it for now, nothing too interesting but I'll be posting again in the next few days.


  1. Were you dying to put something on here about suprising Amanda? If you go to Crafter's Warehouse you know who to call.. Oh, or Archivers...

  2. Yes, I actually was dying to....but I had already planned my next post.