Thursday, January 1, 2009

My Resolution

Well one of my resolutions is to get into this "Blogging" thing and try to stay up with it. I really think it is a good way for me to let all my family and friends know what is going on in our lives (even though, as my title states, can be boring most of the time).

I've been reading "The LPM Blog" and one of Beth's posts is regarding memorizing scripture for this year. I know I definitely need to be more in God's word so I decided to start (along with the other 2,500 that have commented on her blog that will commit to memorizing scripture this year). The scripture I have chosen is:

Proverbs 3:5 & 6 (KJV)
5: Trust in the Lord with all thine heart; and lean not unto thine own understanding. 6: In all thy ways acknowledge Him and He shall direct thy paths.

This is a scripture that I am familiar with because I'm sure at one time in my life (all those years at a private school and going to Sunday school) I have memorized it. When I saw the scripture on another blog I thought, WOW, I really need to actively practice this one and figured it to be a good one to start in memorizing again.

I did start out the New Year, bringing it in alone, as my husband was in bed by 10:00. Since I am a night owl, it was a breeze for me to be up to bring it in (that and since I've been laid off my internal clock is sooo out of whack - I could work a graveyard shift and be okay). I got a digital picture frame from Scott for Christmas and I was working on picking out pictures to put onto it along with watching some Christmas movies I didn't get a chance to see before Christmas.

Shortly after midnight though the phone rang and it was Witney (the youngest daughter) all excited because she was just proposed it is official now. Then a few minutes after that my cell phone rang and it was Mandi (the oldest daughter) she just talked to Witney and was hoping to share her news...but I already knew. Their dad had to wait until the morning though to find out the news.

For this New Year's Day, I'm glad to be nestled into my cozy home and not out in the elements. Our yard alone has received at least 6 feet of snow in the last 2 weeks. I do have to be glad I don't have to drive to work in it either. I can now search for a job in the comfort of my own living room via the Internet and not have to brave the roads or the occasional dummy who doesn't know how to drive on them. I do have a mild case of claustrophobia though and it is beginning to kick in. I will for sure want to make several trips to Lewiston this winter season so I don't go completely stir crazy....that and I gotta see those grand babies...such joy they bring to a soul.

Here are a few pictures of what I see when I look outside.

That is our 5 foot chain link fence in the back and here is one little birdie on our feeder. Hopefully he doesn't have too many friends because we don't know how we will re-fill the food...we don't have any snow shoes.

On the note of job hunting - I pray that I will find a good job soon. I would really like to get on with the State of Idaho and have taken several tests on their site to apply for a few jobs, unfortunately I don't think my scores were good enough to warrant an interview. I will have to just keep trying. I can take the tests again in a few months but hope to find something before then.

May your New Year be wonderfully blessed and if your 2008 was a not so good one...may 2009 be better.

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