Saturday, July 4, 2009

Saturday's Song - Independence Day Tribute

My post this week is going to be a little different and I thought I would pick a few songs that we all know that are patriotic, since today is Independence Day.

I know I am very thankful that I was born and raised in America. I can't even imagine what a lot of people go through in these countries where they aren't free like we are.

Note: I won't spell out the lyrics to all of these this week either. All of the videos are short and you can watch them all or pick your favorites.

The first song is our National Anthem and I searched for it by this group specifically because I love their acapella rendition of it. The video quality isn't the best but the song is still amazing in their format.

The Star Spangled Banner
The Isaacs

The next song is done by another favorite vocal group and the video has some really good footage of our country.
This song is one of the most popular of the many American patriotic songs and it has been proposed as a replacement for The Star-Spangled Banner as the National Anthem. The poem part of it was published to commemorate the 4th of July. (I learned this all from here)

America The Beautiful
The Gaither Vocal Band

This last one is by one of my favorite artists. Martina has a wonderful voice. If you want to know any trivial information about this song you can go here.

God Bless America
Martina McBride

May you all have an enjoyable 4th of July and remember to say a prayer of thanks for our freedoms we still have and those who fight for us to have those freedoms.


  1. I heard The Isaacs version tonight on the Let Freedom Ring Gaither video showing on cable tv. I LOVE that version too. I had to sing along with it because it is so beautiful.

  2. Yeah, everytime I played any of these videos (& I did several times) I had to sing along to them all.