Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Linking to some good stuff

I’ve been coming across some blog posts lately and making notes of them to “share” because I thought of it having a good message or being funny.

If I continue to find good ones, I will continue to do posts like this in the future…but keeping it to a couple at a time.

*This first one I thought was good especially when the writer makes the comment that “I didn’t get what I deserved” and he is right…none of us do.

*This one is good about marriages…I like the analogy that “difficulties [in marriage] come in waves. If you can make it through the wave you're on, you'll find that it will end.” I have experienced this many times and yes, it surely does come in waves.

*This one is comical especially after reading about what she did in a shoe store…

*This is another one that talks about riding the waves but in different circumstances.

*This one was linked by a blogger that I read all the time and it is funny…I think I would have to skip Thanksgiving dinner with the family this time around.

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