Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Conversations with my granddaughter

This last weekend my stepdaughter and the grandkids came up for a visit. My granddaughter always has something funny, smart or amazing to say and I'm going to try to keep track of them and put them into posts.

Here are 3 different scenarios that happened this last weekend....she always has new material that we have no idea where she comes up with.

Scene: Sitting at Sonic getting drinks and fries at Happy Hour – we were staying in the car

Aydann: Mom, I need ketchup
Mandi: Sorry Aydann they don’t have ketchup here. (She didn't want it all over the car)
Aydann: Oh man…(in that bummer voice)

Uh she is 3 where did she come up with that

Scene: In the kitchen at our house talking before dinner (It has been 3 ½ months since she was up to our house and a couple of weeks ago we got a couple of new rugs in the kitchen.

This is the rug we used to have in front of the sink

This is the rug we replaced it with -->

Aydann: Meema, when did you change out the moose rug?
Meema: *Looking at her in AMAZEMENT and a shocking look to Mandi*….give me 5 peanut…..You are sooo good.

Once again she is 3 and KNOWS our d├ęcor or what it used to be.

Scene: After dinner, Aydann & I sitting out on the front porch steps watching the hummingbirds come in for dinner to my 3 feeders (Aydann was having fun watching them zoom in and out)

Meema: Are you ready to go in?
Aydann: No, I just want to sit out here some more
Meema: Ok, well I’m going to go in, I need to empty the dishwasher and re-load it
Aydann: Ok….can I help?

I let her help put the silverware away…what a sweetie.

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