Friday, September 18, 2009

Friday Faves - Shoes

It is Friday Faves again and this week is our favorite shoes we own and favorite shoes we wished we owned.

I think this will be a fun post as I am excited to see what some of the other gals (I have yet to see any guys participating in these posts) have for their favorite shoes. I am not a typical girl, in the shoe kinda way, they aren’t my weakness on a shopping trip. However, pass me by a handbag department and I can’t just walk by, I have to see if there is something I’d like to take home too. I have slowed down on purchasing handbags (it used to be I couldn’t go into a new month without getting a new one) though when I stepped it up to buying a Dooney & Bourke and I have carried it for 2 ½ years straight now….I’m really wanting something new. The amount of money I spent purchasing several handbags in a year exceeded my one purchase of the Dooney. I love it though it fits just right on my shoulder and is large enough to hold all my treasures. But hang on, I got off track, we’re discussing our favorite shoes, not handbags….they do kinda go hand in hand though.

I have a few favorites, depending upon the season, because you know in Idaho, we have our seasons and lately winter has over stepped its bounds into a few more months than what it should.

First up are my Ariat Fatbabies. I LOVE boots (I also have a pair of Durango’s, Laredo – lace up roper’s, and an Ariat ankle boot) and these are so comfortable. I’ve had these for 3 years now and they still look brand new, because I want to make sure they’ll last me a long, long time. Both of my step-daughters each have a pair (not the exact same) and my granddaughter even has pink ones.

Next are my comfy slippers. I have two pairs that I alternate between, Woolrich (purple ones) or Minnetonka (tan ones). My husband bought them both for me and I do wear these out to the grocery store. They both have hard soles on them so I can wear them out and about and they keep my feet warm. I love wearing them with a cute pair of jeans.

The last of my favorites are actually many in number but it is more of a type of shoes (if you can call them that).
Flip flops are my most frequented summer shoe. As you can see from the picture, I have MANY to choose from and I generally pick by the color I am wearing. I have a few that are really thin though and I don’t wear those if I’m going to be walking around a lot instead I opt for the Sketchers with the really thick good sole on them.

Most of my shoes I wear for comfort but they have to be cute too.

As for the favorite shoes we wished we owned, I’ve always wanted to try a pair of Ugg’s because, there again, they look so comfy. Although I’m afraid with the sheepskin on the inside my feet would sweat like crazy, since that is generally where I do all my sweating is through my feet. I think these are the ones I like the best the Ugg Classic Short – Boots.

I’ve also wanted a pair of these mule like tennies by Sketchers. I like the looks of them; however I have a pair that is similar that I bought at Payless Shoe Source that was a fraction of the cost of the Sketchers. So until they have completely worn out I’ll stick with them for now.

And, since I was out there in cyber world scanning for some new shoes I thought I’d see what the latest in the Ariat attire was and found these SUPER CUTE boots that I would definitely like to have. I love the colors and it would help to have a black pair too.

That’s it (should be I went over too many pairs as is) and if you would like to check out what everyone else’s favorites are, pop on over to Missy’s site to see, I know I’m excited to check them all out.

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