Friday, March 20, 2009

Spring is here?

Now I'm really getting spring fever. Today, the first day of Spring, it was in the 60's here in North Idaho. Just love it, wish it would have been here a couple of months ago. After Christmas is over, I'm ready for the snow to disappear. I was wanting to pull out our futon on the back patio and relax. However, this is what it still looks like here (I took these yesterday when the sun wasn't shining quite so brightly).

The first picture is of our neighbor's yard across the street and the second is of our house...doesn't seem very fair that they don't have any snow in their yard and we still have a bunch. The sun doesn't quite get to our yard though until the afternoon and it doesn't melt off very quickly. Scott suggested we shovel it off into the street then it would melt faster. I'm just hoping that by the time we leave for Hawaii (2 weeks from today) a majority of it will be gone and when we come back...we won't be seeing it in our yard at all.
Oh yeah, the Christmas lights on the outside...those are coming down this weekend too. One of the things on Scott's honey-do list before we take off and since we won't be around next has to be this one. I didn't want to come home to Christmas lights on the house after a nice relaxing week in warm, sunny Hawaii.

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