Saturday, March 21, 2009

Another sign that Spring is here

WARNING: This post may cause you to squirm and itch

I was going to post about this the other day and forgot about it but after another experience this reminded me.

It may not be all that warm out yet and my flowers aren't coming up either but this season is bringing out the 6 legged sign of a new season...ants! Not the little sugar ants but these are about 1/4 inch - 1/2 inch long and their bodies "crunch" when you crush them in a paper towel or kleenex...YUCK!! I'm so grossed out in my own home right now.

If first started a couple of weeks ago when one was in the bathroom (upstairs)...a few days later...another in the bathroom...few days later then one in the kitchen (main floor)....then last in my craft room (basement)....then a few days ago one crawls up next to me on the couch...the real freak out though when 2 days ago, having trouble getting up....ONE IS CRAWLING ON MY ARM IN BED....AHHHH!! I was up then. I can't even sleep in my own bed without them being there. Well I can't sleep hanging from the ceiling and I'm sure they could still get to me...I can't get away from them.

What happened this morning and reminded me about it is; I was fixing my coffee and one crawled up onto the counter next to me from underneath...where did he come from...then I killed NO JOKE at least another dozen or more in the span of about 1/2 hour...around the kitchen drawers, and dishwasher, in the sink...I was about in tears. There were about 6-7 of them congregated along the cabinets around my drawers like they were having a meeting or something (I almost grabbed my camera because I couldn't believe it and I wanted to show Scott but was afraid they would get away). I was afraid I couldn't get them all killed at once and I think one of two of them escaped. Time to bring out the ant traps, in FULL FORCE. Scott said he already planned on getting some when he went to Lowe's today, so I asked, "Why?" (does that mean he killed some himself this morning) oh yes, he did. I asked him to find something for outside to spray around the perimeter too.

I've read another gal's blog post about ants and some of the comments she has gotten as hints to get rid of of the suggestions is to find where they are coming from...well....since they are sporadically all over our house, I'm guessing the inside of our walls has hidden away our own private ant farm...never did like not sure what to do. I'd REALLY like to kill them ALL off so we don't continue to have this problem, year, after year, after year...I think one of these days our world will be taken over by them...forget another flood.

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  1. We've had ant problems at work, and Lea put down cornmeal. Surprisingly, they eat it and take it back to their "home" to share. It does help clear them up. Just a thought.