Friday, March 20, 2009

Cleaning up

Last weekend, while I was busy crafting away at all the cards I need to get done before we leave on vacation, I went to get out some materials to start on another card and got a wild hair.

I've been using my craft room a lot lately and when I first set some of my stuff up I wasn't functioning in that room so I wasn't aware of the best place to put my things and it wasn't working too well for me. I would have stuff strewn about on both tables and have such a mess to clean up all the time (still will have that problem, just not the the extreme I had). So instead of starting another card, I decided to re-organize things so they were more handy to doing that I was cleaning out drawers and re-arranging things. Took a few hours but I think it is in better condition now than when I first got it all put together last May.

I do have more plans for my room. I am wanting to paint chocolate brown on the bottom of both walls that has the shelf that goes around, A really light pink on the top of the wall that has a lot on it and on the wall behind the big desk and mint green on the top of the other (wall with the window) and the wall behind the stamp bins.

The decor is a HUGE mish-mash right now making it really busy looking. All the "cowboy" themed stuff will eventually make its way to our bedroom once the animal horns have been moved to "the man cave". I want to keep my Tinkerbell and Mary Engelbreit things in is my dream room after all. It also looks pretty busy because I have so many things out they aren't really organized in matching containers, etc...and I just have so much of it. I think I need a couple more shelves in the same color to put all my flower jars and other tools that I want to keep at arms reach on to maybe make it so it flows better when you look at it.

Here are a few pictures of how it looks now.

It is much more fun crafting in a room that flows smoothly.

Here is something I did come across and threw out....

Scott & I have been married almost 8 years now and have NEVER had a reason to pull these out. Since our new computer doesn't even have a drive to support these, I figured they were perfect for the round file. Felt so good to throw them out and there were a TON of them.

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