Thursday, June 4, 2009

Honey Do's

I had to do a quick, little, "funny" post about this.

Two weekends ago we painted (my husband found out it isn't very fun to paint with me because I'm very anal retentive and want it to be just right in the corners and along the edges) a few small walls in our house and all these walls have lots of pictures on them. One of the walls was going to be put back the exact same so we just left all of our nails where the pictures would go. But we had a couple that were changing and my husband has to be the one to hang them since they are on our stairway and I'm afraid of heights on a ladder....and increase that fear by putting it on a staircase. I've told him in the past, if he'd build me a little platform that is flat but the bottom side would form onto the stairs, I could use my step stool and I'd be good...too much work, so he gets the joy of doing this part and I get to be the boss as to where/how close/no move it over/ him on this little task.

Well last weekend, he was going to hang them all for me and we measured off the "area" in which I had to work with and on Sunday, I laid them all out on our rug (just the right size) so we could get an idea of where they would be placed on the wall. I wanted to leave room on the wall for future pictures because lets face it our family only I was kind of bunching them together in little groupings.

This is the wall on which they are to be placed....(all of the pics can be clicked on to make them bigger if needed)
This is the rug on which I had to work with for area wise (mind you I thought they would be hung up that day or the next at the very latest or I wouldn't have laid them out)

This is the area of our house that I am referring to...right in the you walk in the door... and right through from the living room to the the bottom of the stairs going the top of the stairs going down...
(it does look like this now, I wish I would have taken a picture of it with the pictures all laid out at this angle, oh well, too late and not going back to that view)

After 4 days of stepping over them, my honey FINALLY put them up last night....WHEW!! He did mention taking a picture of them so he could refer to when hanging them but I KNEW, if I did that they wouldn't have gotten hung until another weekend had passed or so and I wanted it done and over with.....if he would just make me my little platform (it would be so much easier to dust them too). He is real picky too and doesn't like stuff laying around, drives him crazy, I was just surprised it too him so long.

Here is the picture of them all back on the wall...

Here are a few other pictures of the other walls that received a fresh coat of new color....the first one is the finished wall from an earlier post (yeah took a while to get those pictures hung back up too) but it looks soooo much better, don't ya think?

Well, I thought it would be a quick little post....I need to read up on my "Blogger" tips so it doesn't take so stinkin' long to post pictures (moving them to just the right spot and deleting all the extra line spaces after doing so...takes way too long) it is just one of the reasons I don't post too much....sorry.


  1. They look very nice. It looks like I'll have to come up and see all these changes in person.
    I'm really surprised it took Scott that long to hang them. I remember right after you were married, he'd "clean/straighten" right behind you while you were still using something, like the blanket or the glass of water.

  2. Yes, you will....and not just to see the changes. Oh you remember him doing that??? Yeah, me too. I think I finally drove it into him that he couldn't do that...makes our guests nervous. He changed a lot though when he lived in that little "condo" for 6 months.