Sunday, February 1, 2009

Busy week and a cake

Last week was a busy one, unfortunately most of my time was spent going through all our files in the filing cabinet and purging anything that was no longer needed and filing away the HUGE pile of paperwork that had been accumulating since last spring. I don't understand, I've always worked with files and in an office type atmosphere, and have been extremely organized but I've always neglected it at home. It was getting out of control (and I really needed to find some receipts) so I just broke down and did it. After the first day in that room though, it really looked bad because you would have thought that the filing cabinet threw up all over the room...which doubles as my craft room. Thankfully it is done now and I have some room to get started on my Valentine's cards.

I was also able to finally get Scott's birthday cake made...a little late but I wanted to do it when he wasn't home (since his birthday fell over the weekend). He requested a Red Velvet cake so I went through some of my magazines and cookbooks and came across a Paula Deen recipe for a Red Velvet Cake Roll in her "Chocolate Celebration" magazine. With a title like that, I'm sure to find many recipes I would like to try.
It is pretty yummy and Scott (who never eats sweets) even had 2 pieces, so he must have thought so too.

We have been trying to get a refinance to go through since September now and we feel like we've been under an underwriters microscope for the last several months and we are hoping to get everything finished in the next couple of weeks. The loan we are in is an adjustable and in October adjusted up to 8...% and March is the next time it would be up for another adjustment (however, I don't feel it would go down only up again) and we just want to get out of this loan before then. So for all my praying friends and family, please keep us in your prayers that this will be finished without us breaking our bank account. I met with our loan officer on Friday to give her more paperwork that underwriting was requesting and she took me to Starbucks for a cup of coffee (we didn't talk a whole lot about our loan though, it was on a more personal note). She mentioned that she had been listening to Joyce Meyer and one of the things she has been saying had to do with negative thinking and if we dwell on negative thoughts, those thoughts could come to fruition and said she would just be praying for us as well but to keep being positive. I really needed to have a little bit of time with her to re-connect because of all the issues we've been having to go through this refinance, I'm afraid I've been blaming her and she is just doing her job and having to be the one who gets what underwriting is requesting from her.

We'll be praying for a much smoother week this week than last.


  1. Dad's Bday cake looks SOOOO YUMMY. (hint, I didn't get cake?) I'm glad you were able to talk to Lori, she is sooo nice. I am glad our home is through WellsFargo, so far so good. :)

  2. I was going to say a saw a horsey and doggie, but you can just forget it. Menopause is mentioned in the Bible. Matthew 14:92. It says that Mary rode Joseph's ass all the way to Egypt.