Saturday, May 23, 2009

Saturday's Song - In The Hands of God

Well this was a totally unplanned song but since it has been stuck in my head all Friday evening, I went in search of it.

I figured it was a Newsboys song because I could just hear their voices singing it and I don't even know if I heard it earlier on the radio today or what but the chorus has been rolling and rolling through my head so I need to do this one this week. I don't even have this song or cd, I had to go onto iTunes through the store and look it up because I was even unsure of the title. Guess now I'll be looking to find the cd to add to my collection because while on there I listened to the other songs on the album and it is a good one.

It is another one about trusting in God. I know He is trying to tell me something.

In The Hands of God
Newsboys from the In The Hands of God Album

We have raised our hopes and our cities high
We have followed fragile dreams
But only One could take the measure of our goals
And we've stumbled over the trials of life
And we've wrestled the unseen
But only One can calm the storm inside our souls

In the hands of God we will fall
Rest for the restless, and the weary
Hope for the sinner
In the hands of God we stand tall
Hands that are mighty to deliver
Giving us freedom

When our strength gave way to the weight of guilt
'Til we strained for every breath
Only One could lift our shame and make us well
And when all is finished and we face
The fearsome power of death
Only One has overcome the gates of hell

You're amazing
You're amazing, You are
And we praise You, Lord
For what Your hands have done

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